Stray Kats Strutting: MacguyverTech Mints a Cryptocurrency

Earlier this month, MacguyverTech ventured further into its blockchain endeavors. In addition to custom software development and cybersecurity, the cutting-edge tech company added cryptocurrency to its development portfolio with the addition of the Stray Kats token. Early on, this coin seems as wild and free as its namesake in the Brian Setzer song.

The token is explicitly designed to be a community-driven, ownership-renounced token, but is also intended for everyone who loves cats. “We wanted to make a token that’s a fun memecoin, but with charitable endeavors,” says MacguyverTech CEO Steve (Mac) McKeon. “I go out of my way to try and help homeless animals, and we’re going to contribute to that mission with this token. Our plan is to donate to animal shelters throughout the life of the token, with each step on the roadmap marking a market cap milestone and a percentage donated.”

The coin was minted on March 4, 2022 on the Binance Smart Chain, and ownership of the project was renounced almost immediately, with the project liquidity and initial capital sent to its burn address. This process cannot be reversed. The intent of the token is to conduct all transactions publicly, honestly, and with the intent to allow this cryptocurrency to behave as it would in the wild. In an environment free of the fear of rug-pulls, liquidity theft or “pumping and dumping,” the token can progress as far as its supporting community desires.

“We specifically wanted to let everyone see what we’re doing; we even went out of our way to have it audited,” McKeon continued. “We launched the token and then renounced the ownership. The only thing we have access to at this point is a marketing wallet, with 3% of the token set aside for charitable donations. If the token completes its road map, we’re pledging a charitable donation of over $50,000”

The token jumped in value 100x shortly after the launch, and is now supported by numerous coin listing services, as well as being listed on the Pancakeswap exchange. The security audit can be seen here, the whitepaper can be seen here, and the token’s Telegram is here.

As always, understand that we at MacguyverTech are not financial advisors; these are our opinions. Please research this and any other token thoroughly before purchasing them, and never risk anything that you cannot afford to lose. Use your head, be smart, and be careful out there.

To purchase Stray Kats tokens, go here.

For more information about Steve McKeon and MacguyverTech, visit our website at



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