MacguyverTech, Carolina Coto and Lucia Dami Collaborating on NFT Collection

Art comes in many forms, with writing, filmmaking, physical and digital art representing just a few outlets that spark the imagination. MacguyverTech, Carolina Coto and Lucia Dami have announced that they are collaborating for a venture into the digital art world by creating The Sacred NFT collection.

The NFT collection is the next step in the establishment of the Sacred community, a safe space for innovation, education and expansion. “We believe in unity, innovation through collaboration, and self-knowledge through spiritual expansion,” says project visionary Bruja Carolina Coto. “We’re bridging communities, both in the Metaverse and in person; our goal is the creation of a Sacred space that is inclusive, safe and respectful.”

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, there will be 9999 Sacred NFTs, designed by artist and illustrator Lucia Dami. “Her art is remarkable,” says MacguyverTech CEO Steve (Mac) McKeon. “It’s going to create some truly spectacular NFTs. We’re creating a run with multiple layers on each piece of art; no two will be alike. What’s cool is that each layer will have different degrees of rarity, and the layers come together to mint each individual NFT.”

Indeed, Lucia is not only creating the artwork for the NFTs, but also designing “Sacred Unions,” a process of customizing existing NFTs with her “Sacred Portrayal” technique to integrate them into the Sacred world. “I hand draw in gold over printed portraits,” she says, “and now I do the same with some of our supporters’ NFTs, customizing them digitally to create a brand-new work of art.”

Each of the minted NFTs also serves as an avatar to enter the digital Sacred space, a present, compassionate, and inclusive community with exclusive Sacred experiences. The NFTs will begin minting in Early May, with a first run of 3,333 NFTs; one can mint directly from the Sacred website. “This really is just the beginning,” McKeon continued. “We’re planning a coin launch in the Fall, and Carolina is planning an in-person retreat for the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Appropriately, for a space that’s centered in the moon and stars…the sky really is the limit.”

To begin your Sacred journey, visit

For more information about Carolina Coto, visit her Twitter page.

To browse the artwork of Lucia Dami, visit her website.

To find out more about NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain development and for more blog posts like this, go to the MacguyverTech home page here.



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