Blockchain22: Steve McKeon Speaks at Blockchain Conference in Miami

2 min readMay 1, 2022
Steve McKeon and Carolina Coto

On April 10–11, the most prominent names in blockchain gathered in Miami for Blockchain22. The conference was highlighted by workshops, networking, learning, and fun under the South Florida sun. And those loud whining sounds you heard if you were in the area? Those weren’t jet engines; those were crypto miners showing off their rigs. MacguyverTech’s Steve (Mac) McKeon was one of the weekend’s featured speakers, and yes, he brought a miner.

“It’s a good time to be exploring blockchain,” McKeon said. “We had workshops about a wide variety of blockchain applications. People think it’s just about cryptocurrency, and that’s not even remotely the case. This is the time to get involved in the technology, because it’s literally going to change the world over the next several years.”

The conference covered a wide variety of topics, including seminars on NFTs, DeFi, Blockchain gaming, crypto trading, the Metaverse, and moving toward greener mining solutions. McKeon took part in multiple workshops; one of which was indeed about crypto mining. “It’s great to be at these workshops,” he said. “So many people think that it’s not worth getting into mining now, because there’s only so many Bitcoins to be mined. That’s not at all true.”

“It’s speculative, but there are so many other things to mine,” he continued. “Right now, it’s Ethereum. Ethereum is everything. But as the other chains become more popular, you’re going to see other cryptocurrencies explode. There’s going to be a renaissance of other coins jockeying for position.”

Of course, the conference wasn’t all seminars and networking; the event featured interactive activities with blockchain leaders, neural networking, the Miami Crypto Block Party, and even recovery zones. And of course, there was plenty of time for festivities throughout the warm Miami evening.

“This is glorious,” said Carolina Coto of The Sacred NFTs. “We’re launching our NFT collection soon, and this weekend was incredibly welcoming and a great experience for us. We had a chance to network and meet plenty of interesting people in a beautiful setting.”

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